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Shipping Policy

The Price listed includes vaccinations, medical care, food, and the flight ticket from Korea to your destination.

The price listed is the full amount consumer needs to pay to TeaPups.

The importer (buyer) is responsible for the fees that can occur at the airport during the pickup process such as import tariffs, parking, and more.

Return & Exchange Policy

We do not offer any returns or exchange policies or refunds since from the moment of purchase, the cost is used for TSA applications and air cargo tickets. Under no circumstances, we will provide an option for a refund. However, we promise that we will get the puppy to you safely. 

Furthermore, if the customer have not fully paid off the remaining balance, they will not be eligible for any Health Guarantee and they will be prosecuted for the remaining balance. By buying a puppy from the website with an agreement to pay the remaining balance at a later time, the customer agrees that they will pay triple the amount of remaining balance when they are prosecuted for failing to pay the remaining balance.

Health Guarantee means that upon puppy's death (within a year), when is caused by genetic problems and not the customer's mishandling of the dog, we will fully reimburse the puppy's price. There will be no reimbursement for general checkup. Puppies are advised to be dewormed every three months throughout their lifetime and cost of maintenance will not be reimbursable as well. TeaPups also provide set of documentation for vaccination records and medical records signed by Ministry of Agriculture, Republic of Korea to show that the puppy is healthy at the time of the arrival.

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