Frequently asked questions

Do I need to know how to code?

No. Splyc allows anyone to set up integrations and automate their processes. It allows you to setup the workflows you need to accelerate your logistics and business -- without coding.

Is my data secure?

Of course. It is fully encrypted and secured on our cloud platform.

Does Splyc replace my API or EDI connections?

No, we make them better. Splyc builds on top of your connections to make your processes more efficient. We offer EDI modernization.

Is Splyc a middleware?

Yes. It works behind the scenes, and because it is in the cloud, you do not load any software into your current applications. Once your porcess is activated, Splyc automations run in the background as middleware between your applications. Splyc provides application integration for logistics.

Can Splyc integrate data between completely different system types?

Yes. We are building new connections to leading supply chain and logistics applications every day. Splyc is the only integration platform built specifically for supply chain and logistics. We are building new application connections across the industry every day.

How are workflows created in Splyc?

Our easy-to-use workflow editor lets you automate your processes by dragging and dropping icons. We also offer services to help you set up Splyc and coach you on how to use it.

Where do I access Splyc today?

Reach out to us for a tour of Splyc. We would be happy to provide a demo.

How can I get help with Splyc?

We offer support services and are happy to tailor them to support your every need.

How can I get started?

Drop us a line through our contact form or email us at info@splyc.io. We'll get in touch and help you connect it all using Splyc.

What does Splyc do?

Splyc is an integration platform and workflow design tool for logistics. It uniquely uses automation to eliminate busy work and error-prone processes. The magic resides in the integration technologies and techniques that connect disparate systems. This is why we call Splyc a univeral translator; it gets previously disconnected applications to talk to each other. Organizations use it to streamline processes and keep data moving, which increases productivity, reduces costs and creates new revenue opportunities.

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